Fellow WGAW Members,

I'm Dante Harper, a member of the WGAW since 2006. I am running for the WGAW Board of Directors this year.

I am a fierce advocate for a stronger, politically active, and forward-looking Guild. If elected, I will work very hard for all writers, as well as bring my experiences as an industry feature writer to bear on issues such as the ongoing AMBA and upcoming MBA negotiations, ending free work, and addressing the rise of one-step deals. I will work especially hard to improve our Credit Arbitrations system.

I also believe that the near future holds real dangers for all unions, and what could be serious threats to our Health and Pension plan – we have to work with our Political Action Committee to address these threats, and we have to get to work now to make our Guild ready for whatever may come.

My current candidate’s statement can be found here. I hope you will have a look at it and endorse me! Endorsements aren't exclusive, you can endorse as many candidates as you like. It only takes a few seconds and every endorsement truly matters.

In solidarity, 

Dante W. Harper